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Cognitive Enhancement Center
About Cognitive Enhancement Center
Brad Loftis CBIS/ Founder and CEO is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and Behavior Support Consultant acquiring over 23 years of experience working directly with several different populations of people with disabilities. Mr. Loftis has worked extensively with adults with diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, other Acquired Brain Injuries, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Coupled with his direct care experience, he has also owned and/or directed Adult Care Homes, an Assisted Living Facility, and a Residential Care Facility specializing in the complex behavioral, healthcare, rehabilitation and psycho‐social needs of residents living with Brain Injury.

The Cognitive Enhancement Center therapeutic day treatment program 
was founded in 2003 and is located in Portland, Oregon. The Center’s primary 
mission is to provide evolving, long‐term physical, psychological, cognitive 
and behavioral rehabilitation opportunities for Individuals living with brain injury 
and to educate families and outside care facility staff in learning and 
implementing essential appropriate interaction and behavior support techniques 
to manage or eliminate negative behavioral issues and concerns.

The Cognitive Enhancement Center is a Behavior Support Service Program 
or BSS Program. Our Consultants offer effective Behavior Support Analysis and 
Plans for individuals residing in residential settings who require these services 
to improve their quality of life and retain their residential placements.

Partly, what makes the Cognitive Enhancement Center Program unique 
is its’ specialized Staff/Participant relationship and interaction practices, behavioral support methods and the Program's uniquely effective operational and environmental structure.These specialized techniques and methods reach far beyond simple kindness,respect and cirriculum. They are extremely effective approaches designed to create a nurturing community atmosphere and a fun, supportive, positive and relaxed environment. This milieu has proven to facilitate independence, autonomy, empowerment and inclusion,which in turn inspires the Participant to enthusiastically continue in their program with
minimal to no behavioral incident. Sustained long term participation, devoid of negative
behavioral occurrence, allows the individual the greatest rehabilitation opportunities
possible to improve in their daily therapeutic program. This improvement often equates
into measurable therapeutic gains, but always, micro/macro improvement occurs.

The experienced, specialized Staff at the Cognitive Enhancement Center understand the physical, emotional, behavioral, psychological, and cognitive issues that face most adults living with brain injury. This knowledge coupled with our outstanding relationship building skills, interaction practices,behavior support methods, and specialized structure mentioned above, makes the Cognitive Enhancement Center Program second to none.